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get your profile ID verified

if you'd like to verify your identity for your profile and are (i) seeking asylum/have refugee status; or (ii) otherwise undocumented, you're welcome to use this form.
this is entirely optional for marketing profiles & the teaching community! we just wanted to create a route to verification for those who might not have access to government issued ID.
it is however a requirement if you'd like to teach on the platform.
you will need:
• your unique user somos ID (see the green bar above!);
• a contact at a partner organisation (e.g. charity, social enterprise, NGO) that can act as a referral contact for you;
• please provide the organisation's name, website and your contact's name and email and we'd be happy to reach out to them.
• a device with a camera to take a selfie.
• pen & paper to write today's date
1) note that by completing this form you give us permission to reach out to your partner organisation to complete the verification process. we will copy you in all correspondence*
2) let your contact know in advance that we will be getting in touch with them*

to begin, please let us know your first name