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🧵let's create some channels for your community !

we're thrilled to see you're ready to create some new channels for your community.
channels are a fantastic way to engage your students, share updates, and create a vibrant learning environment. 🚀
you might want to create a channel for each language you teach, or perhaps one for each level of proficiency. maybe you're thinking of a weekly book club or a space to discuss specific topics. the possibilities are endless and entirely up to you! 🌈
how it works
1️⃣ you'll let us know how many channels you want to create & what you want to call them🛡️(1-2 mins)
2️⃣ once you've submitted the form, we'll do the magic behind the scenes and your new channel(s) will be ready in a heartbeat (see what we did there? 😉) (1 min)
3️⃣ you'll be taken to ❤️ heartbeat to see you new channels 🚀
note: this form is for channels you want all of your students to access for free. we will be adding the ability to have private channels for your paid subscribers soon. watch this space!